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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about how the process of architectural visualisation works.
These answers might help you with your decision making.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

How much does a Cgi cost?

This is always the hardest question to answer as each project is vastly different from the next.  

Every customer has different needs and aspirations for their project.

With a range of projects from interiors to exteriors and all of the different complexity and detail levels, the cost is bespoke for each project.

Every quote is determined by: the number of images that you would like; the nature of the project; the environment that the image is set within; the size and scale of the development. Every project is treated separately to make sure that the quote you receive is precise.

You will be receiving our professional feedback within 24 hours for a free estimated proposal.

I need my project done asap. How long will it take?

The delivery time will depend on various situations, such as the complexity of the project, the number/length/scale of images/video/VR to be made, client’s requirements, what files client could provide Atelier Aida.
For example, if you want a single villa that you already have 3d models of, one rendering could be finished in 1-2 days. Otherwise, if we have to create a space for an interactive VR tour based on hand-drawn floor plans, the project will obviously take significantly longer.
And also, the more “realistic” the render is, the longer the render will take. This is especially true in interior renders.
Interior scenes generally have lots of light sources and lots of light bouncing.
A general rule of thumb, interior scenes take a lot longer than exterior scenes to render.

Anyway, we would love to provide you a rough idea for general reference:

Rendering:  typically 3-5 days per 1-2 images.
Animation:  typically 1-2 weeks per minute.
Virtual Reality: typically at least 4 weeks per project.

What file types can you accept?

We can accept most file types like .MAX,  .SKP,  . FBX,  .OBJ,  .3DS,  & .DWG.

Still need help?

For any other questions, please write us at

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