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We are a boutique, multidisciplinary architectural visualisation studio with a passion for creating hyper-realistic, pure, and detailed imagery. Our focus on these key elements enables us to deliver exceptional results that showcase the full potential of your project.

At Atelier Aida Visual, we specialize in creating stunning, true-to-life architectural visualizations that inspire and captivate.

Founded in 2015 by Guney & Deniz Kurdak, our studio has rapidly gained an international reputation for excellence in visually representing unbuilt architecture.


Working with some of the world's most renowned architects and designers, such as Woods Bagot, DDG USA, and Fg Stijl, we have completed hundreds of projects and delivered countless images over the past six years.


We take pride in our ability to showcase the full potential of each project, producing high-end visualizations that leave a lasting impression.


We offer various visualisation services, including:






From architects to developers and large-scale schemes to one-of-a-kind bespoke builds, Atelier Aida Visual helps clients increase marketing value, sell off-plan, and create stunning presentations with our hyper-realistic CGIs.


Our studio specializes in creating 3D visualizations of your intended development to your precise specifications. These can then be submitted as part of the planning permission process to councils and associations to help support your bid for approval.


Our interior CGI service is also a perfect solution, producing captivating imagery that helps to sell new developments and facilitates the interior design process. With our exceptional quality and attention to detail, we bring your vision to life.


At Atelier Aida Visual, we take pride in our skilled, hardworking, and creative team, as well as our powerful in-house render farm. This combination enables us to deliver competitively priced CGI images with fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service.


Each member of our diverse group brings great individual value, partnered with an amazing work ethic.

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Guney Kurdak          

Founder director

Architect, Cg Artist

Guney is an architectural visualisation specialist with over twenty years of experience. He has created countless images for a variety of projects in Istanbul and London.

Besides playing tennis during his lunch breaks, he enjoys windsurfing in warm seas.


Daniel Friedman

Senior 3d artist


Daniel joined Atelier Aida in September 2017.

His architectural background, natural flair for interiors and attention to detail has led Daniel to creating truly original artwork for Atelier Aida.

He has been responsible for modelling a diverse range of projects. These include various mixed-use developments, luxury houses, office buildings and museums.


Lucas Johnson

Senior 3D Artist


Lucas offers a unique insight into the creative industries, which, combined with excellent client management and communication skills, ensures every project is delivered smoothly and successfully.

He is now working remotely from Dublin.


Junior 3D Artist


Mirka is a highly gifted junior 3D Artist. She can model and texturize almost anything in minutes.


She works from her home city, Warsaw.

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Deniz Orhon Kurdak         

Creative Director


Former lecturer/designer Deniz joined our team in 2015 as head illustrator and quickly became the Creative Director of Atelier Aida. She is a naturally skilled and intuitive designer with an excellent eye for detail.


Deniz is an inspirational figure for the whole team and a great communicator who is always positive and ready to give valuable, artistic feedback.   


Julia Peeters

Senior 3d Artist

Graphic Designer

Open-minded and receptive, Julia delivers artful images with an eye for dramatic and luxurious textures.

With her extensive experience and technical expertise, she ensures her ability to take on challenging and wide-ranging projects.

She is an absolute travel addict and also loves singing and drama.


Artur Rafael Neves

Junior 3D Artist

Graphic Designer

Artur is a 3D Artist with an excellent eye for composition, photo-realism, and lighting.
As a key asset of our team, he’s daily contributing to understanding and implementing the modelling optimization workflow for real-time performance, 3D modelling, and scene ability.


Álvaro Oliva

Senior 3D Artist


Alvaro is a highly skilled CG artist and animator from Madrid. 


He has immense experience in the game and film industry.
Alvaro joined our team in 2016.

Atelier Aida is based in London, but we work worldwide.
To collaborate on a project, just email us on:

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