We are Atelier Aida, a boutique, multidisciplinary architectural visualisation studio located in South West London.

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We specialize in photorealistic rendering and architectural animation.

Our team of highly skilled and creative Architects and Cg Artists have over twenty years of experience working with a range of clients worldwide.

Our main activity is a continuous communication and cooperation with the world's leading architectural and design studios. We plunge into the depths of ideas, penetrate the atmosphere and purpose of each task.

As a result we create realistic visualisation that gives an opportunity to see and feel the future object.

Our recent works have focused on a variety of residential, cultural and commercial projects.

All of us at Atelier Aida are passionate about what we do, and with adding devotion to our passion, we deliver cases of outstanding quality and excellence to all our clients and their projects.

We offer various visualisation services, including:

Architectural Visualisation

Interior Visualisation

Architectural Animation

Interactive Walkthroughs

Virtual Reality Experience

Dynamic Images

"Our boutique studio and powerful in-house render farm means we are able to deliver competitively priced CGI images with fast turnaround and personal customer service."

Meet the Team.

Each member of our diverse group brings great individual value, partnered with amazing work ethic.

Guney Kurdak          

Founder director

Architect, Cg Artist

Guney is an architectural visualisation specialist with over twenty years experience. He has created countless images for a variety of projects in Istanbul and London.
Besides playing tennis at his lunch breaks, he enjoys windsurfing in warm seas.

Lucas Johnson

Senior 3D Artist


Lucas offers a unique insight into the creative industries which, combined with excellent client management and communication skills, ensures every project is delivered smoothly and successfully.

He is now working remoltely from Manchester.

Junior 3D Artist


Mirka is a highly gifted junior 3D Artist. She can model and texturize almost anything in minutes. She works from her home city, Warsaw.

Deniz Orhon Kurdak         

Senior 3D Artist


Former lecturer/designer, Deniz joined our team in 2015 as head Illustrator and art director of Atelier Aida. She is a naturally skilled and intuitive designer with an excellent eye for detail.

Artur Rafael Neves

Junior 3D Artist


Artur is a 3D Artist with an excellent eye for composition, photo-realism, and lighting.
As a key asset of our team, he’s daily contributing understanding and implementing the modelling optimization workflow for real-time performance, 3D modelling, and scene ability.

Álvaro Oliva

Senior 3D Artist


Alvaro is a hightly skilled cg artist and animator from Madrid.  He has immense experience in the game and film industry.
Javier joined our team in 2016.

Atelier Aida is based in London but we work worldwide.

To collaborate on a project just email us on:


We are Atelier Aida, a boutique, multidisciplinary architectural visualisation studio located in South West London, delivering photo-realistic 3d renderings and animations worldwide.

Using 3D imagery, CG films and immersive experiences, we bring future realities to life.

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