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Welcome to Atelier Aida!

We are a creative agency specializing in hyper-realistic, pure, and meticulously detailed imagery. Dedicated to mastering AI and CG artistry, we produce exceptional visuals for advertising and archviz, striving for perfection in every pixel. Our unwavering focus on these core elements empowers us to consistently deliver exceptional results that fully manifest the potential of your project.

As a creative agency, our expertise spans a vast spectrum of visuals, from architectural marvels to compelling advertisements, dynamic animations, and more. What truly distinguishes us is our exceptional fusion of CGI and AI, pushing the boundaries of digital visualization to extraordinary levels.

Founded in 1999 in Istanbul by Guney Kurdak, our journey led us to London, where we've garnered international acclaim for our exceptional portrayal of unbuilt architectural wonders. Our pioneering work in seamlessly integrating AI with traditional CGI techniques has set a new standard in the industry.

Our legacy includes collaborations with esteemed architects and designers globally, including Woods Bagot, DDG USA, and Fg Stijl. Over the past eight years, we've successfully executed numerous projects and delivered a multitude of images. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality positions us as leaders in architectural visualization, continuously evolving alongside the advancements in AI and CGI.


In the heart of London, our dedicated team of architects, modellers, and CG artists collaborate to bring each project to its final form. This team is the cornerstone of our client interactions and final deliverables.
Their expertise in refining and polishing models into photorealistic visuals is unmatched, making them indispensable in our journey from concept to client presentation. 


Spread across the globe, our Remote Team is a diverse group of highly skilled architects, modellers, and CG artists, each bringing unique perspectives and talents to the table. This team is the engine room of our studio, responsible for building the foundations of every project. Their expertise in 3D modelling and creating detailed, accurate representations is crucial in setting the stage for our photo-realistic visuals. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow that seamlessly transitions to our London Team for final refinement.

Atelier Aida is based in London, but we work worldwide.
To collaborate on a project, just email us on:

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