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360 Tours are virtual reality enabled, fully immersive and interactive displays that allow clients and prospective buyers to walk through simulations of buildings and spaces that are yet to be completed. They allow our clients to take an immersive look at their projects, whatever the scale. Whether a restaurant, hotel lobby or new home, 360 tours allow you to navigate a property's rooms in daylight or at night.

We craft beautifully photo-realistic pre-rendered interactive VR walk-through experiences with dynamically linked points around space, which give the viewer the impression of smoothly moving through space in a very controlled way.
This allows the design team to craft the exact route through space carefully in a way the client wishes the viewer to experience, rather than allowing them to dwell on secondary areas away from the main selling points of space/project.

Demo 360° Scene / Urban Farm Apartments - Zurich


Click on the image to navigate the scene and check how a sample scene works on your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV device.

The link will open in a new browser window or a new tab.

Who Uses 360° Tours?

The applications of 360 tours are hugely varied and span many different industry sectors outside of the real estate sector.

Some of the industries using panoramic tours are:

  • Architects, interior designers and property developers use it to virtually show buyers around unfinished properties.

  • The hospitality industry uses them to showcase hotels, restaurants and surrounding areas to entice guests by allowing them to really get a feel for where they’re going to be staying.

  • Architects and real-estate companies can use VR Tours for every step of a project, from proposal to post-build marketing and social media.


What is the typical timeline for wrapping up a VR tour?

The timeline for creating the panoramic tour depends on:

  • the complexity and scale of the project

  • the approval process with the client


After the design is agreed upon via panoramic points, it takes about 2-5 days to merge them all together and deliver the end result.

What is the principle for navigating through the spaces?

Navigation is simple and intuitive - click to move between spaces and you will smoothly transition to the desired location.

Click the mouse to rotate the camera or use keyboard arrows to pan across.

For instance, teleportation from room to room or floor to floor addresses the 3D floor plan and chooses your point of interest.

Still need help?

For any other questions, please write us at

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